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The SA-6 Area Alarm

The SA-6 area alarm is used to monitor pipeline pressure within a ward, theatre etc. The pressure is monitored by pressure switches in the pipeline downstream from the last AVSU. Pressure is monitored for both high and low pressure (low only for vacuum). The integrity of the cabling between the pressure switches and the alarm panel is monitored, and a fault on this cable will result in the following:-
A system fault alarm
The alarm condition(s) affected by the fault going into alarm condition.

The monitoring of the cable requires a termination board to be mounted as close as practical to the pressure switches. The termination boards are supplied as bare PCBs which must be mounted in an enclosure. As optional extras, these termination boards can be supplied already mounted in a box, or mounted in a box together with the cables for connection to the pressure switches already fitted, allowing significant savings in on-site work. When an SA-6 alarm is mounted in a zone module or AVSU, where the pressure switches are in the same enclosure as the alarm panel, cable monitoring is not required and therefore termination boards are not required. The alarm panel can be set to operated with or without termination boards.(please specify when ordering)
The SA-6 alarm panels can be used in a master-slave configuration, with a maximum of 2 slaves from a master, using a three core screened cable (minimum 0.5mm) to connect the alarm panels, with a maximum of 100 metres of cable on the system. Note that if 2 slaves are used, the three core cable must run from master to first slave and then first slave to second slave NOT from master to first slave and master to second slave.

Installation requirements:

A 230 vac supply, fused at 3 amps, fed from the essential supply
A screened cable (minimum 0.5mm) from the alarm panel to the termination board (1 core per alarm condition + common)
Termination Boxes (optional)

When ordering, please specify the following:-

Flush or surface mounting.
Number of gases Colour (Light Stone, White or Light Grey)
With or without termination boards
If possible, the hospital in which the alarm is to be installed.



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